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Exclusive Services

FREE SAMPLE - OptiWrap Eco Hand Pallet Stretch Wrap - Micah, 500mm x 400m

SKU: SAMP000003

FREE SAMPLE - OptiWrap Eco Hand Pallet Stretch Wrap - Micah, 500mm x 400m

SKU: SAMP000003
excl. GST
FREE SAMPLES FOR BUSINESS CUSTOMERS ONLY! Elevate your industrial wrapping solutions with our Micah OptiWrap Hand Pallet Stretch Wrap. Limited to one sample of this product per customer!
excl. GST

Upgrade your industrial wrapping with our Micah OptiWrap Eco Hand Pallet Stretch Wrap. 

This 500mm x 400m sample roll is the epitome of sustainable industrial supplies in Australia. 

Designed for eco-conscious businesses in Brisbane and along the East Coast, it offers an efficient and environmentally friendly alternative to traditional wrapping materials.


Why Choose Micah OptiWrap?

  • Eco-Friendly Design: Reduce waste and environmental impact with our sustainable wrapping solution.
  • Durable and Reliable: Ensures secure packaging while minimising material usage.
  • Industry-Leading Performance: Trusted by businesses for its quality and sustainability.


Features & Benefits:

  • Top Choice for Sustainability: Our stretch wrap sets the standard for eco-conscious industrial supplies.
  • Efficient Usage: Maximises wrapping efficiency while minimising environmental impact.
  • Support Eco Practices: By choosing Micah OptiWrap, you're making a positive impact on the planet.


How to Get Your Sample:

Experience the difference of eco-friendly industrial wrapping with our free sample offer. 

Get your FREE SAMPLE TODAY! Exclusive to business customers, limited to one sample per customer.

Fill out the form at executivedistributors.com.au/eco-campaign


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